Total solution to project promoters & contractors for profitable operation of their equipment and plant & Machinery resources by externally designed economical Plant Management Program is our prime business objective.

In today’s competitive world, most of projects are either delayed beyond the control of contractors or promoters, or over expensive compare to their initial budgeted project cost, this can be avoidable by proper planning of equipment deployment methods, or by Maximum utilization management or by re-engineering or revision of old Mindset & Obsolete planning in equipment management.

We suggest our clients, to purchase equipment instead of rent or lease when ROI of that particular equipment is above 30%, which will be economical and self reliable, but clients confusion is remaining with comparison of equipment cost with most expensive brands, which are normally 30 to 80% expensive compare to non branded J/V products. And their worries of resale value which fetch 20 -30% above none branded, but they fail to evaluate NPV to their investment. But in all the cases warranty and guarantee and replacement parts cost, remains same. On request of client we will forward comparative feasibility to evaluate, to make decisions.
We under take projects and provide Solutions for;

Plant & Equipment Purchase, or
Turn-Key (EPC) projects, of below;
  •  POWER PLANTS ( New or Refurbished)
    (Thermal, Hydro, Gas or oil Fired)
  • BATCHING PLANT (Concrete )
    30, 60, 90, 120, 160 Cubic Meters.
    30, 50, 100, 120, 160, 200, 240 ton/hr
    Mobile & Stationery type
    Smelters, Billet makers,
    Of capacity between 400 MT/ day and 7000 MT/day.
    Ferrous ore Copper, silica, Limestone, Coal
    Sea Corrosion, dredging job, Mini Port & Fishing Harbour
    FIZA Engineering is achieved expertise , in selection and implementation of Municipality Solid Waste segregation and processing equipment , including upstream collection equipments.